gamingkitty's Journal

8 May
I'm an amateur costumer, I've done both historical and fantasy/SF costuming. I'm a big fan of MythBusters (TV show on Discovery), but don't watch much TV otherwise. I primarily listen to classical music, and volunteer at one of the local public radio stations during fundraising.

I've played D&D from first edition to 3.5, but so far haven't seen a need to pick up 4th edition -- sorry WotC! I've been playing Champions/Hero System since the blue box (I think mine is second edition, but it might be first). I've also tried several other RPG systems. I don't do much computer/online gaming, I prefer face to face.

I've gotten hooked recently on the "Girl Genius" webcomic, and also read "Irregular Webcomic", "Full Frontal Nerdity", "Order of the Stick", and "Two Lumps".